April 2016 - Short video for sculptor Michael Pennie.

Production of a short video for crowdfunding campaign Adventures in Wiltshire http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/adventures-in-wiltshire. Quick but involved project, covering all aspects of the production, starting with directorial planning, capturing motion, image and sound and editing the material.

March to May 2015 - Audio Book - Sculpture: Making and Teaching written and narrated by sculptor Michael Pennie

Over 9 hours of material recorded during 12 one hour long sessions in March 2015, and then meticulously edited into 42 individual chapters meeting the exhibition private view deadline at the end of May.

Michael Pennie's audio book accompanied the exhibition Sculpture for Furniture at Pound Arts in Corsham, and Salisbury Arts Centre in the form of a minimalistic iPad app that I designed and implemented.