The compositions Synchresis and Emptiness work better in full screen mode.

Synchresis from Andrei Branea on Vimeo.

---> more (technical) details here: http://andrei-branea.tumblr.com/

Reduced listening - for this piece the volume might have to go up, use of headphones recommended.

Emptiness from Andrei Branea on Vimeo.

Music composition

Surrender to the image from Andrei Branea on Vimeo.

Student project. The original video clip was made in 2005 by McCann Erickson and directed by Bruno Aveillan, for Unilever's Magnum 5 Senses ice-cream advertising campaign. As music composer I have no commercial interest.

Shots change rapidly while taking the viewer into a journey of sensuality. Images call for a rhythm which isn't inherent. Music has the effect of slowing the image down.

There was a lot of care given to the spatial dimension, creating an aural effect through constant movement of the instruments; lower notes coming from the left side morph into higher notes coming from the right side.