2015 audio book

Collaboration with Michael Pennie to produce the audio book version of his 2014 limited edition print book and online book 'Sculpture: Making and Teaching, or How I became such a peculiar person.'

Recording was carried out over 12 recording sessions in March 2015, followed by meticulous manual editing until the end of May, ready for launch part of the Sculpture for furniture: Adventures in Wiltshire exhibition. Michael has a fantastic diction and narrator voice, and there were very few mistakes. However, my desire was to leave the voice clean, without adding music or background noise, so most of the work went into editing clicks and mouth noises which might have distracted the listener. In total more than 9 hours of recording were edited into a final version of 8 hours and 21 minutes.

Several chapters of the audio book, relevant to the location - different for Corsham and Salisbury - were present in the exhibition as a simple app, designed to provide a listening without distractions experience to visitors.